The work of David Vincent Hanagan

dave at shenaniganpictures dot com

Landing Ship X-1

An homage to 1960s science fiction using homemade lenses.

Director/Cinematographer Clip Reel

This video is exceprts of several films that I've made over these many years. My role included director, cinematographer and/or editor (mostly all three). As well as some animation, production design and sound. Enjoy.

Circadia Sees the Moon

"Circadia Sees the Moon" is a short film about a woman who sees the night for the first time. Shot on 16mm with a Bolex camera. Visual effects are all done in-camera or on an optical printer (kudos to you for knowing what an optical printer is).

Harvey Wulfe & Other Local Sightings Festival Trailers

The following movies are promotional trailers for Northwest Film Forum's Local Sightings Film Festival.